Lose Weight Eating What You Like

Those who eat the majority of their calories earlier in the day are consistently less prone to gaining weight.

There seems to be some truth in the saying “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”.

The research blames our change in food consumption patterns over time on social jet lag. It has led more of us to live by social clocks rather than our internal body clocks, which throws the body out of balance.

This discrepancy between our internal body clock and social clock has been linked to a greater risk of diseases like obesity and metabolic syndrome, whilst shorter periods of sleep have been linked to weight gain.

Other damaging factors are shift work and irregular or skipped meals.

While it’s clear that late night snacking is far worse than eating earlier in the day, it’s not yet clear which meal should be biggest.

Who we eat with is also a sizable factor in the health formula. Regular family meals for instance, contribute to healthy eating in children and teenagers.

You may lose weight eating what you like, if you take into consideration the above recommendations correlated with physical exercise and healthy living.

I warmly recomand to use the Easy Weight Plan Program ( see it here ) , i will make a full review with all the benefits of this program later on.

Update: here is the review as i promised

Thank you for reading  my article and i wait for you comments below.

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