How to get gorgeous glowing skin NATURALLY?

To get gorgeous, glowing skin naturally I recommend:

-Drink about six glasses of water a day, and avoid soda, which is full of sugar;
-Try to eat at least five portions of fresh fruits and vegetables every day. Skin friendly foods include carrots, broccoli, apricots, strawberries, watercress, and oranges;
-Try not to skip meals. Eating 3 meals a day will give your skin energy and give it a glow.

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You can also do some home remedy for glowing skin: mini easy facial.

-Wash your face with soap;
-Massage some dry, uncooked oatmeal over your skin;
-Rinse away with warm water;
-Fill a bowl with freshly boiled water. Then lean over the bowl, capturing the steam by placing a towel over your head. Stay there for five minutes to allow the steam to warm, soften, and give your skin a radiant glow;
-Splash your face with warm water and pat dry;
-Smooth on six crushed strawberries to your face, and leave on for three minutes, or smooth a crushed banana onto your face, and leave it on for five minutes;
-Remove the fruit with a tissue, then rinse your face with some cool water.

Hope my advices will be helpful to you.

Take care and if you have any other advices please fell free to write them in the comments below.


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