How to stay away from herpes. All you need to know.

In order to stay away from herpes, you need to know everything important about this virus. What this virus is? What causes herpes? How can you recognize herpes symptoms? How to treat herpes? 

What is herpes?

Herpes is a sexually transmitted infection, that affects the genitals, the cervix, and skin in other parts of the body. It is a chronic long-term condition.

What causes herpes?

You should know that a person can’t be infected with herpes by touching an object that has been touch by an infected person. Herpes virus is transmitted in the following ways:

  • Having unprotected sex;
  • Having genital contact with an infected person;
  • From an infected mother, at childbirth;

How can you recognize herpes symptoms?

Herpes symptoms are difficult to recognize because they are usually silent. There are also symptoms that can be recognized but are less common, such as blistering sores, pain during urination, itching, fever, headaches, backaches, lack of appetite, tiredness.

How to treat herpes?

There are different ways of treating herpes.

You can choose between self-help or medication.

Self-help possibilities:

  • OTC painkillers – try acetaminophen or ibuprofen.
  • Bathing in lightly salted water helps relieve some of the symptoms.
  • Ice packs can be useful. Make sure the ice is wrapped in something – do not apply ice directly to the skin.
  • Use Vaseline (or some other petroleum jelly) to the affected area.
  • If you can’t urinate properly because of the pain, apply some cream or lotion to the urethra, for example, lidocaine. Some people find that if they urinate while sitting in warm water, it is less painful.
  • Try not to wear tight clothing around the affected area.
  • Wash hands properly, especially after touching the affected area.
  • Refrain from sexual activity until symptoms have gone.
  • Follow The 21 Days Herpes Challenge

Medication treatment:

There is no medication that can eliminate the virus. The doctor can prescribe you some drugs that prevent the virus from multiplying and help reduce the symptoms.

Fast facts about herpes virus:

  • More than 50% of the population of the USA have herpes
  • People experiencing herpes symptoms should avoid sexual contact
  • You cannot get genital herpes from a toilet seat
  • People who have genital herpes are more susceptible to HIV
  • In case of cold sores, oral sex can be dangerous to

Anyhow, regardless of what you may found out about what causes herpes and how to treat herpes if you think you may be infected with this virus, we strongly recommend to go and see a doctor. It’s always the best solution.

In the end, don’t forget to be careful and take care of your health! We hope that, from this article, you found out everything you need to know about herpes so you can stay away from it!

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