5 natural hair loss treatments for females

Female hair loss is a problem many women are confronting nowadays, regardless of age.  The causes of hair loss are multiple, from some hidden illness, stress to the use of inappropriate cosmetic products that can aggravate the root of the hair through the chemicals that they contain..

But, there is also good news on this issue, because there are many natural treatments that might solve hair loss problems. Herbal treatments against hair loss have always been a theme of interest. For example, in ancient Egypt, women were making different plant mixtures, honey and even animal fats to prevent female hair loss.

Here are some simple hair loss treatments (the effectiveness of these remedies is proven by scientific studies), that you can do at home:

  1. Onion, garlic or ginger juice

 natural hair loss treatments for females - garlicAccording to a detailed research in the Dermatology publication, 20 of the 23 people who applied such natural juices on the scalp twice a day have noticed that hair has grown in just 6 weeks and the resistance has increased significantly. Experts believe that the beneficial effects of this simple juices are given by the extraordinary power of flavonoids, which have anti-inflammatory action and increases blood circulation to the scalp, as well as preventing thinning and tearing of the hair.

  1. Hot peppers

 natural hair loss treatments for females - hot pepperThey are not only used in gastronomy,  but also in the beauty industry. Capsaicin is the substance that gives swiftness to these peppers and which, according to studies, would stimulate hair growth. You can try to take capsaicin supplements (with the doctor’s advice only), eat more hot peppers (if you do not suffer from gastritis) or prepare a hot pepper paste and mix it with olive oil.

  1. Salvia, rosemary and aloe vera

natural hair loss treatments for females Salvia, rosemary and aloe veraSalvia thickens the hair, while rosemary and aloe vera stimulates hair growth. They can be used as tea infusion by gentle massaging the scalp, or it can be used as essential oil. Green tea is also very effective  Green tea contains antioxidants that prevent hair loss and accelerates hair growth.

  1. Hair loss treatment with natural oils

Hair loss treatment with natural oilsOlive, argan, jojoba, eucalyptus or coconut oil are excellent to prevent hair loss. Heat a cup of oil, but not too much, so that it gets warm enough, and softly massage the scalp skin using your fingers, or using a cotton pad. Then cover your head with a towel for an hour and then wash your hair as usual. Olive oil has many essential fatty acids that protect and nourish the skin of the scalp while preventing from dandruff, another cause of hair loss.

  1. Massage and relaxation

Massage and relaxationA few minutes a day try to massage your scalp with gentle moves. This will activate blood circulation and keep hair follicles active. For a more relaxation, you can also use your fingers soaked in a few drops of lavender or almond oil, which have excellent effects on the skin.

Believe it or not, in most cases, the main cause of excessive hair loss is stress. A solution to get rid of daily tension is by practicing meditation, it can balance the hormonal level in our bodies, which is the main culprit for the bad effects seen on our face.

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