Which are the best jobs for each type of personality

The biggest companies in the United States tried to point out that certain personality traits correspond to some jobs, and they used the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality test to study this phenomenon in detail.

To find out 5 of the best jobs for each person, one of the most popular Myers-Briggs-based personality guides has been consulted. The list of jobs is not final but serves as a fun way to find out which job is right for each individual according to this popular personality test.

If you are realistic and you can make quick decisions, you are suitable for a career as an insurance agent, pharmacist, lawyer, judge, project manager.

If you like to take responsibilities and work as much as possible to achieve an objective, you are suitable for a career as an auditor, accountant, financial director, web development engineer, or government employee.If you are willing to help others and you are a sociable person, you are suitable for a career as sales representatives, social worker, nurse.

If you are modest and a determined worker who wishes to help those around him/her, you are suitable for a career as a dentist, teacher, librarian or franchisee. If you are pragmatic, you can become a detective, banker, investor or sports coach. If you are an open minded and sincere person who prefers to act in favor of conversation, you can become civilian, economist, pilot or doctor in the emergency room. If you are a cheerful person who values common sense and likes to interact with others, you are suitable for counseling children, actor, interior designer or family doctor.

If you are sensitive and you want to help people in different ways, you can become a therapist, masseur, you can have a store or you can become a fashion designer. If you are an analytical person who thinks logically and always finds strategic ways to solve problems, you can become a lawyer, management consultant, director.

If you are creative and you like to do everything in your own way, you can become an investor, software developer, economist or director.

If you love people, you are energetic and diplomatic, you can become an advertising director, a public relations specialist, a trainer in the field of corporatist or a human resources agent. If you are calm, creative and integrated, you are suitable for a therapist career, human resources agent, organizational development consultant or customer relationship manager. If you are a creative person who accepts new challenges and excels in situations of risk, you are suitable for an entrepreneurial career, advertising director, marketing director or politician / political consultant.

If you are independent, creative, solve easy problems you are suitable for a career as a software programmer/designer, financial analyst, architect, university professor or an economist.

The MBTI personality test, popular among companies all over the world, is not a useful predictor of job performance though. The MBTI measures preferences, not ability. The use of the MBTI as a predictor of job success is expressly discouraged. However, the MBTI continues to be popular because many people lack psychometric sophistication.

However, the MBTI continues to be popular because many people lack psychometric sophistication.


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