The Two Steps Necessary to Look Younger

It is easier than you think to look younger. With two simple steps you can make a drastic difference in how you look and feel. By changing your diet and increasing your water intake, you will notice your skin and body feeling younger. Both steps are simple and a necessary part to looking younger. Forget about the gym membership or the expensive spa treatments, you can take your youth into your own hands and change how you feel right away.


Everyone always talks about eating healthy, but what exactly does that entail? It is more than just eating your fruits and vegetables. There are some basic principles that are important to a diet that helps you look younger.

Vitamins and essential oils are the key ingredients. You want to eat proteins that are lean and healthy, like fish, lean pork and chicken. These proteins carry useful oils that will help your skins elasticity which prevents fine lines. Also cut out the white carbohydrates from your diet, these include white bread, snack foods, cookies and rice.

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White carbohydrates are hard for your body to process and quickly turn into sugar. If your body is spending a lot of time trying to get rid of sugar, it cannot spend that time regenerating healthy new skin cells.

The other important part to your diet is nutrient rich vegetables. These are your dark green vegetables and include: kale, spinach, cucumbers, broccoli and any other deep green vegetable. This type of vegetable holds a lot of vitamin E and vitamin C, which is essential for your skin to regenerate and look young.

You can eat these vegetables raw, or steam them, but it would take a lot of vegetables to get all your vitamins each day. Many people are turning to juicing their green vegetables. By juicing them, you get all the best of the ingredients without the bulk from the fiber in the vegetable.

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Drinking water is more important than just to help you look younger. Water is a vital part of our bodies and essential for us to life. Most of us go day to day with some level of dehydration, because we are not drinking enough water. We drink our coffee, soda’s and other drinks and then we do not feel thirsty anymore. But drinking straight water is important for your body and especially important if you want to look younger.

When you wake up in the morning, start your day off with a large glass of water. This will feed your cells and get your body moving. The water will help your digestive system get going in the morning and help you burn more calories throughout the day.

Take breaks while at work and drink water also, or keep some water at your desk while you are working. You should be drinking at least 64 ounces of water throughout the day. If you are working out or doing other physical activity, you should drink additional water to compensate for the water lost during your activity.

You should also take in consideration drinking alkaline water and maybe having an  alkaline water machine in your house.

Eating a healthy diet and drinking water might seem like simple steps, but they take dedication and commitment to do them correctly every day. Keep a journal and write down your food and water intake each day to help keep you accountable and help you reach your goals.

Take a close up picture of your skin before and after you start eating more vegetables and drinking more water. You will notice an increase in your skins glow and youthfulness.

Take small steps at first when changing your diet, start with cutting out the bad foods and then slowly start to integrate more and more healthy food into your diet.

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