Best mental health apps

Best mental health apps

We live through times when more and more people are struggling with mental illness. Be it depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder or anything else that can’t let you be your true self and send constant dark clouds upon your mind.

Point is, do we have time for therapy? And if we do have the necessary time, do we have money for therapy? And if we do, are we well enough to be able to open up in front of a total stranger, even if it’s a professional we’re talking about? Continue reading

Best diets for 2018

Best diets for 2018

Have you considered beginning this year in force and starting a new diet? Well, it’s not too late! Especially now that winter is on the go, it’s the perfect time to begin balancing your meals. Many people turn towards various diets for various purposes.

We might believe at first that everyone just wants to lose weight, but that’s not the case. Some want to try out a new diet in order to improve their overall health. Continue reading

Chemotherapy - is there a nontoxic way?

Chemotherapy – is there a nontoxic way?

First of all, let’s take a look at some general facts about chemo.

Does it cause side effects?

Unfortunately it does, quite a few. The whole idea of chemo is to attack the bad cells in our body, however, unfortunately, it attacks active cells as well. Indeed cancer cells are active but some healthy cells can be active also. You can find these cells in blood, mouth, digestive system and hair. So the real problem appear when chemo goes for these cells and start affecting your overall health. Continue reading

Are we truly aware of the risks of alcohol?

Are we truly aware of the risks of alcohol?

Alcohol is viewed nowadays as a social necessity. You cannot go in town and have fun without having a glass of something. As a teenager you are no longer cool if you don’t grab a beer. It doesn’t mean we are alcoholics if we have a glass of wine at times, or in the evening. But the question is, are we truly aware of what effects alcohol has on our brain and nervous system? Continue reading

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