How to better connect with your inner self

How to better connect with your inner self

Many times throughout my life I heard people telling me, or telling others “just be yourself”, “don’t be afraid to be yourself and all will be fine”. Things is, we live through times when “being ourselves” is not such an easy task.

We are basically the creations of media, social media, TV, music channels, news, everything we see and every information we feed ourselves on. Even a book we read or a TV series we follow will have certain influences upon us, as people, and upon the way we behave. Continue reading


5 Ways You Might Be Harming Your Memory without Even Knowing It

Your memory is a vital part of your cognitive processing abilities without which you would be rendered useless. Your memory, be it strong or weak, is critical in the manner in which you behave and function on a day to day basis.

There are various aliments, conditions, and diseases that can impact the cognitive ability to retain thoughts as memory, which is highly unpredictable or detectable. However, there are certain ways you can avoid any harm coming to your powers of retaining memory. Continue reading

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Tips in choosing the best life couch for you

Tips in choosing the best life couch for you

Having a guiding presence in your life can be extremely beneficial to your personal and professional development. A good life coach will help you create a perspective for where you want your life to go and he/she can assist you in pursuing your goals. The hardest part is finding one and knowing whether they are good and experienced in the field. If you are considering taking the support of a professional to get an aspect of your life on track, life coaching sessions are  a good starting point. Continue reading